Check Your Tech — Graduating Students Checklist

We can’t believe it’s already here but we are halfway into the last month of the semester. Spring Commencement is exactly a month away! We know there is a lot going on this time of the year, especially for students who are graduating. The ITS Service Desk has conveniently provided you with a checklist on all things you need to know tech-wise.

Check Your Tech

Graduating students, we highly recommend you take a look at the Check Your Tech checklist! The list includes recommended steps graduating students should take before leaving UNC. Details are included on the following and more:

  • Access transcripts
  • Save email
  • Access ConnectCarolina info
  • Get software upgrades before leaving

You can view the Check Your Tech infographic and video:

Video details:

  • Your Onyen will expire 180 days after you graduate, so you will lose access to software, including:
    • UNC Email (Heelmail)
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • OneDrive / Office 365
      • You should create an alternate email account and update your contact info so subsequent emails are sent to your new account.
      • You should save and upload files to external hard drives or alternative cloud services
  • Your computer’s operating software will remain, along with MS Office!
    • Visit the UNC Service Desk for software updates, questions, and to re-image your device
  • Get help at

ConGRADulations, 2019 Grads! You’re almost there!