Coming August 6: Zoom Web Conferencing

In case you haven’t heard the buzz around campus, Zoom is coming! The University has purchased a campus-wide license for Zoom (opens in new tab), an easy-to-use video and web conferencing solution. All UNC-CH faculty, staff, and students will have access to a Zoom Pro account starting on August 6!

To access Zoom, go to:

Here are some of the many great features available in Zoom:

  • Breakout rooms
  • Display up to 25 video feeds at once
  • Simultaneous view of presenter video feed and shared screen
  • Share host’s computer audio (useful for sharing external video resources in real time)
  • Record meetings locally or to the cloud
  • Usage reports available to meeting host
  • Add alternative host to meeting

You can also visit (opens in new tab) for more information.

Create & Join Meeting

Using Zoom is really easy! Check out this quick 1-minute video on scheduling a meeting:

NOTE: With all of your Zoom meetings, including your Personal Meeting Room, we strongly recommend setting up your meeting to require registration and/or a meeting password.

Here is another 1-minute video on joining a Zoom meeting:

Add Zoom Meeting to Sakai Site

Due to the complexity of the University’s Zoom implementation across several schools and departments, we cannot integrate Zoom with Sakai as some users will not get access to shared Zoom meetings. We will however list Zoom as a new tool to add to Sakai sites with information on accessing Zoom and creating meetings.

We recommend creating a Zoom meeting with no end date and continuing to use that same meeting space for your course throughout the semester. Once you create your meeting, you can add the Join URL to your Sakai site where it will be easy for your students to access — consider adding it to the Overview, Syllabus, Announcements.

Share your Zoom meeting link with your students in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create Zoom meeting with No Fixed Time (require password or registration)
  2. Copy Join URL
  3. Add Join URL to Sakai site

Blackboard Collaborate, Collaborate Ultra, Recordings

With a campus-wide license for Zoom, we will not renew our license with Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing once our license ends September 20, 2018. Since Zoom becomes available to campus on August 6, we will remove all instances of the Blackboard Collaborate and Collaborate Ultra tools in Sakai during our maintenance that day.

If you have a Blackboard Collaborate or Collaborate Ultra webinar room that was created for you outside of Sakai by your departmental supervisor or by one of our staff, you will still have access to your room until September 20. We highly recommend that you go ahead and switch to Zoom as soon as possible.

We are currently working with Blackboard Collaborate on migrating all recorded sessions from Blackboard (Collaborate and Ultra) to a locally hosted solution in MP4 format. We will store all Blackboard recordings for at least a year and notify supervisors and instructors once we have a process in place for requesting recordings. Thanks for your patience!

Get Help

We know you likely have questions. There are several ways to get help!

Get ready to Zoom!