Coming August 6: Delete Multiple Test Submissions

We have a big August 6 maintenance coming up next week! Please prepare for Sakai to be offline from 8am until 9am that day!

Last week we announced that testing accommodations (opens in new tab) will be added to Sakai during this maintenance. The Tests & Quizzes tool is getting one additional feature during this maintenance which is the ability to delete multiple student submissions at once!

Currently instructors see a big X next to each student’s submission and as soon as you click on that X, that student’s submission has been deleted. After the August 6 maintenance, you will see a checkbox next to each submission and you can check as many student submissions to delete them all at once. Sakai will also give you an alert to confirm that you want to delete these student submissions before they are deleted to avoid any possible mistaken deletions.

Delete Multiple Test Submissions

Here is a sneak peek of what you’ll see in Tests & Quizzes starting next week! You can view all student submissions in Tests & Quizzes by selecting the Published Copies tab and then clicking on the highlighted number in the Submitted column (or Select Action > Scores). To delete multiple student test submissions:

In the Delete Submission column, check boxes for all submissions to be deleted and click Update at the bottom of the page.delete submission column with checkboxesIn the pop-up that asks “Are you sure you want to delete these submissions?” click OK.alert to confirm delete submissionThat’s it! As always, we can still recover deleted submissions. Just send us a help ticket at (opens in new tab).

Stay tuned for the next sneak peek!