Coming August 6: Testing Accommodations

Earlier this month we announced that the Sakai 12 Upgrade was postponed to December 19 (opens in new tab) due to issues we encountered in our testing but that we would still be adding several new features on August 6. We are so excited to share that in two weeks…

Testing accommodations are coming to Sakai!

Whether you have students registered with Accessibility Resources & Service (opens in new tab) and are approved for additional time on exams, want to deliver different testing dates for various sections, or have students who need to make up an exam, giving extended time deliveries will be much easier! The current workaround involves several steps including creating a separate group, setting up a duplicate exam, updating the students’ scores on the original assessment, and removing the duplicate assessment from the Gradebook. All these steps are combined into one easy setting with the new Exceptions to Time Limit and Delivery Date feature coming August 6!

Setting up Testing Accommodations

You can set multiple time exceptions on each assessment and choose to set exceptions for a specific group of students or just one student. If you have a group of students approved for the same time extension, be sure to first create the Group (opens in new tab) in Site Info > Manage Groups. Don’t forget that Group names are viewable by site members so be sure to give the Group a generic name and not include student identifying information.

Follow these steps to give students extended time deliveries in Tests & Quizzes. If you have already published the assessment, be sure to modify the published copy:

  1. Click on assessment’s Select Action menu > Settings
  2. Select “Exceptions to Time Limit and Delivery Date” tab
  3. Select who receives exception (you can choose both for this same exception)
    • Exception for User: Click Select User menu and select student
    • Exception for Group: Click Select Group menu and select Group
  4. Enter exceptions this user and/or Group receives
    • Available date
    • Due date
    • Extended time limit
    • Extended late submissions
  5. Click Add an Exception button and page will refresh
    • If you need to add more exceptions, repeat steps 2-5
  6. Click Save at bottom of page

That should take care of it! You can always go back to these settings to edit or delete these exceptions. Here is a tutorial on setting timed exceptions (opens in new tab) and a screenshot below. Click image to enlarge and see the time delivery exception setting:More features are coming to Sakai on August 6…stay tuned! Also, please plan for Sakai to be offline on Monday, August 6, from 8am until 9am when we apply these updates.