Sakai 12 Upgrade Postponed to Dec 19

dog announcing sakai 12 upgrade december 19Back in April, we announced the Sakai 12 Upgrade for August 6. With a Sakai 12.1 release in mid-May, we have been actively testing and debugging the system these past couple of months. Unfortunately, we have encountered several critical issues, which must be addressed before we roll out this version of Sakai to the UNC campus. We have derived from our testing that the current Sakai 12 version is not stable enough and we do not wish to roll out a system that will negatively impact our users.

**We have therefore decided to postpone the Sakai 12 Upgrade to December 19.**

We do not want to disrupt courses by upgrading too close to the start of classes or taking the system offline mid-semester and think waiting until winter break would be best. This time frame also follows our Sakai 11 Upgrade back in 2016, which is after the University Registrar’s deadline to submit all final grades. Instructors will have over 24 hours after grades are due before we take Sakai offline to apply the upgrade.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

August 6 Maintenance

While the Sakai 12 Upgrade has been pushed back a few months, we still plan to add new big features to Sakai on August 6. We are currently evaluating what features from Sakai 12 we can backport into our current version of Sakai 11. We will announce in the coming weeks what new features to expect in Sakai on August 6. Hint — big things are happening with web conferencing and student response systems! Stay tuned for details!

Again, we appreciate your understanding. Let us know if you have any concerns by contacting us through the ITS Service Desk at