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We hope you’re relaxing and taking things slow this summer! The Fall Semester is about a month away, so this is a great time to begin working on your fall courses to beat the rush of fall. As you build your site, one particular tool we highly recommend experimenting with is the Lessons tool in Sakai, also known as Lesson Builder.

What is Lessons and Why Use it?

Lessons allows an instructor to organize resources, activities, and media on a single page. You can have as many Lessons pages in your site as needed and organize the course by unit, module, week, topic, or any other grouping that makes sense for the site. Check out the many benefits of using the Lessons tool:

  • All course content in one place
  • Organize by unit, week, topic, etc.
  • Integrate Sakai tools: Tests & Quizzes, Assignments, Forums, Gradebook
  • Require students complete items before continuing in Lesson
  • Require students receive certain score on assessment before continuing
  • Add as many pages/subpages as you want
  • Block-style layout with section breaks and colors
  • Embed videos and images
  • Student Checklist allows instructor to see progress
  • Student Pages for students to create own content
  • Student Comments sections
  • Course ID automatically updates on items when importing between Sakai sites (links within text editor cannot be updated automatically)

Example of Lessons Page

Here is a screenshot of what a Lessons page could look like (enlarge image):

This Lessons page contains:

  1. Page title
  2. Text item (content on the page)
  3. Content links to items in Resources, such as files or URLs
  4. Integrated assessment from Tests & Quizzes tool
  5. In-line question items
  6. Required items
  7. Integrated discussion board from Forums tool
  8. Subpages (more Lesson pages within this main Lesson)
  9. Student Comments
  10. Student Pages for students to create their own content

Lessons Workshop

Learn about Lessons at our workshop! We have a hands-on workshop next month where you can not only learn about the Lessons tool but also start developing your course using this tool. We hope you’ll join us!

Course Design Using Lessons Tool [Registration Form]
Thursday, August 10
10:30am – 11:30am
UL 034

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