Sakai 11 Upgrade: New Hot Spot Question

Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break! We hope you are well rested and geared up for the end of the semester! The semester end also means our Sakai 11 Upgrade is quickly approaching. The upgrade will happen on December 20, which is after all final grades are due.

One cool feature in Sakai 11 is a new question type in Tests & Quizzes — the Hot Spot question! With Hot Spot questions, instructors can have students identify certain points on an image. Instructors could use Hot Spots to have students identify areas on maps, graphs, artwork, human anatomy, organic structures. The options are endless!

So, how does it work?

Hot Spot Setup

When creating or editing an assessment, select the new question type: Hot Spot

Create your question

  1. Enter the point value, instructions, and any other settings
  2. In the “Select Hot Spot image” section, click Browse
  3. Locate, select, and open your image file
  4. Upload. The page will refresh with the hot spot image

tq_hot_spot_imageAdd items on image to ID

  1. Next to Item 1, enter a description
  2. On your hot spot image, highlight the area for Item 1 with a click, hold, and drag selection. You will see a blue box around the area you selected
  3. If you want students to identify additional items, click on the + Add Item button and repeat steps 1-2

When you are finished, your image should look similar to this:

tq_hot_spot_markupDon’t forget to Save your question!

Student View

Here is how this question would look to students. Students will select each highlighted/green item on the image, and if where they click is within the box the instructor selected, they will receive credit for that item.


Stay tuned for another Sakai 11 feature!