New! Streaming Media Campus Solution

We have very exciting news!

If you have been looking for a way to share videos or have students upload recordings to share with your class, search no more. We now have a campus-wide media streaming solution! Introducing…


So what exactly is Warpwire? Think of a YouTube-like service in your Sakai site. Instead of uploading a file that each user has to download and then watch on their computer, the video will be embedded directly on the Sakai page. You and your students just click play and the video will play instantly. It’s that simple!

Why Use Warpwire?

There are many advantages to using Warpwire!

  • Upload video, audio, and image files and securely stream in Sakai
  • Record and upload media files straight to Warpwire from any mobile device or computer
  • View detailed analytics (% viewed and viewed segments)
  • Create private library collections and share with individuals or groups
  • Have students upload videos to share with classmates or privately with instructor

Getting Started

image of warpwire plugin

If you are interested in using Warpwire, just submit a request through to have Warpwire added as a tool on your Sakai site. Once we add it, you will then see Warpwire as a tool in your left Tools menu on your Sakai site and as a plug-in in all the tools with the rich-text editor. Just look for the blue W!

Warpwire Help


Here are help options to assist you with using Warpwire:

Don’t forget we also offer personal consultations or you can contact us through the ITS Service Desk at or 962-HELP.

Happy streaming!