Final Sakai Gradebook Checklist

checklist_calcIt’s Finals Week! We know this week comes with a lot of deadlines, so to make grading a little easier, here is a quick 5-item checklist to make sure your grades are ready in the Sakai Gradebook! Don’t forget final course grades must be approved in ConnectCarolina within 72 hours after your scheduled final exam.

1. Verify all grades are entered

There are multiple ways to enter grades:

NOTE: Teaching Assistants must be listed in ConnectCarolina to access grades.

2. Check items are included in final grade calculations

Verify Gradebook items are released and included in course grade calculations by doing a quick check of the Released to Students and Included in Course Grade columns.


NOTE: Click on Edit next to Gradebook Item to make any changes to that item.

3. Set Ungraded Items to Zero

After entering grades, calculate grades by setting ungraded items to zero to avoid possible grade inflation. This will place a “0” in all Gradebook entries that do not have a score.

NOTE: Setting ungraded items to zero is irreversible, so if you need to remove any 0’s, you must manually go into the Gradebook and edit the grade.

4. Release final grades to students

If you need to override a student’s final course grade, do that now. Once you have finalized all grades, be sure to release final grades to students. You can quickly verify what students see in the Gradebook by checking the top message under Gradebook Items.

gb_display5. Export grades for ConnectCarolina

The last step is to export final grades for ConnectCarolina. Selecting the Export for ConnectCarolina button will open a spreadsheet that is formatted to be uploaded into ConnectCarolina.


Be sure to follow the University Registrar’s Grading Calendar to enter final grades. Grades are due 72 hours after the scheduled time of your final exam. Don’t forget that you must use VPN for off-campus access and UNC-Secure for on-campus wireless access to ConnectCarolina.

Call the ITS Help Desk at 962-HELP if you have questions. You can also schedule a personal consultation if you need more assistance. We’re here to help!