Creating Sakai Tests taking too long?

With final exams starting next week, we thought this would be a great time to remind instructors of a huge time-saver in Sakai. If you are administering an exam in Sakai through the Tests & Quizzes tool, the Markup Text option will help you create your test questions in no time! Using the standard Assessment Builder requires you to create your questions one-by-one, however, you can easily bulk-upload your questions with the Markup Text option!

First make sure you have the Tests & Quizzes tool enabled on your site. If it is not, you can easily add it through Site Info > Edit Tools.

Create questions in separate document

We recommend creating all test questions ahead of time in a separate document, such as Microsoft Word. This way you:

  • Create and see all questions at once
  • Have a back-up copy of your questions
  • Quickly edit any questions on one page

The questions must be structured in a specific format that Sakai recognizes. To view the format each question must be in, follow the basic steps in creating an assessment — you’re not actually creating an assessment (yet!):

  1. In Tests & Quizzes, enter Assessment Title
  2. Select Create using markup text
  3. Click Create

tq_create_markupLinks for the following questions will be listed under Instructions & Examples. Click on each question type to view the format your questions must be in for Sakai to recognize and automatically create those questions:.

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Choice with Multiple Correct Answer
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Short Essay
  • True/False

tq_markup_instr_exThen open your document to compose your questions, following the format Sakai listed for each question type. Your document may look similar to this:


Create assessments using Markup Text

Once you have finished creating your questions, go back to Sakai to create your assessment using Markup Text (see steps above) with a simple copy and paste method. Copy the questions you composed and paste them into the Markup Text box.


Click Next to view your questions and Create Assessment. That’s it — you’ve created your assessment in no time!

Important Notes on Markup Text

  • Only available as you first create a test
  • Not all questions can be created using Markup Text
  • Feedback must be added through the regular Assessment Builder

Get Help on Tests & Quizzes

Good luck on finals! We can’t believe it’s already that time of the year!