End of Semester Sakai Tips

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Believe it or not, but the semester is coming to a close as classes are ending today! We know how busy this time of the year can be, so here are some Sakai tips and reminders to help you ease into finals!

Grade Assignments in Bulk

Save valuable time while grading papers by bulk-uploading Assignments! Instead of clicking on each individual student’s submission, you can download all submissions and attachments at once, grade offline, and then bulk-upload the Assignments with your feedback and grades. Don’t forget to release grades!

Displaying Immediate Feedback in Tests? Don’t!

stopAre you administering online tests in Sakai and displaying feedback to students? If you have answers in your feedback, do not display Immediate Feedback as students can potentially see answers while taking the test. If you allow multiple submissions or accept late submissions, be sure to display Feedback after all submissions have been accepted. See Feedback on Online Tests.

Gradebook Checks

Here are quick ways to check what students see when they view the Gradebook and what is included in course grade calculations!


  • Top Gradebook Items message tells you whether students can see their Gradebook item scores and course grade


  • Titles in grey are hidden from students and not included in course grade calculations
  • Class averages in parentheses are not included in course grade calculations
  • Check Released to Students and Included in Course Grade columns

NOTE: Click on Edit next to Gradebook Item to release item to students and include it in course grade calculations.

Need a Sakai expert to help configure your Gradebook or just verify that you set up your Gradebook correctly? Sign up for a personal consultation! We can even come to your office.

More questions on the Gradebook? Stay tuned for a Gradebook Checklist to close out the semester! You can also view our Gradebook Tutorials or contact the ITS Help Desk at 962-HELP.