Export Final Grades for ConnectCarolina

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cc_puzzleWe are very excited to announce that instructors can now export final grades from Sakai into ConnectCarolina! If you are using the Sakai Gradebook, you can export your course grades into a formatted .CSV spreadsheet that will then be imported into ConnectCarolina.

Export for ConnectCarolina

Follow these steps to download the Course Grades spreadsheet for ConnectCarolina:

1. Navigate to Gradebook
2. Select Course Grades
3. Click on Export for ConnectCarolina at the bottom of the page

gb_ccNOTE: If the spreadsheet does not automatically open, check your designated downloading location, likely the Downloads folder.

4. Verify spreadsheet is in correct format and save .CSV file
NOTE: To properly work with ConnectCarolina’s mass grade upload utility, the spreadsheet structure must be as follows:

  • Column 1 must contain student PIDsrequired
  • Column 2 may contain student Last Names – optional
  • Column 3 may contain student First Names – optional
  • Column 4 must contain student Gradesrequired
  • There should be no column headers
  • Spreadsheet must be in .CSV file format

5. Navigate to ConnectCarolina and continue to follow the Registrar’s steps to upload spreadsheet into ConnectCarolina

**If necessary, don’t forget to set ungraded items to zero and override final grades before exporting final grades!

Need Help?

If you have any questions, call the ITS Help Desk at 962-HELP or submit a help request.