New Look for Bb Collaborate in Sakai 10

bbc_logoWe just upgraded to Sakai 10 on Monday, and with this update rolled out the new LTI integration of Blackboard Collaborate! You will find an improved user interface that makes it easier to create sessions and navigate through the options.

Important Notes:

  • Previous sessions and recordings are still available in the Elluminate Live! Bridge tool. All new sessions and recordings will only be available in the new Blackboard Collaborate tool.
  • Due to the LTI integration for the new tool, meetings cannot be restricted to specific site participants. Consider sharing the Guest Link to meeting attendees only.

We invite you to check out the new Blackboard Collaborate integration in Sakai!

Create Session

To create a session, click on + Create Session in the upper right corner. A window will pop up to enter the Name, Start time, End time (now optional!), and Early Entry time. Click on the blue Create Session button when you’re ready to create the room!


You can also edit Options, such as giving Moderator privileges and supervising chats, and upload Bb Collaborate Whiteboard/Plan files or Multimedia files through the Content tab.


NOTE: You can keep one room open for an extended period of time and reuse that room for multiple purposes.

Join Session

Click on the session you want to join. The pop-up window will include the Join button, as well as telephony dial-in information, and a Guest Join Link to share with non-site users. You can also Edit or Delete the session from this window.


Participants will see only see Participant dial-in details:


To access recordings, click on the top Recordings tab, select your recorded session, and click on Play from the pop-up window. Moderators can now also convert their recordings into MP3 and MP4 files themselves! Just click on Start Conversion.


Blackboard Collaborate Launcher

Don’t forget that you must install the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher to access Bb Collaborate sessions and recordings. You should be prompted when attempting to open a Bb Collaborate session with options to download the launcher.

Let us know if you need help by calling 962-HELP. See what else is new in Sakai 10!